Babies are little bundles of joy. They may cry and fuss when they are hungry, wet or frustrated, but they can give make you so happy your heart may feel like bursting with joy. They can be the biggest source of laughter in the house, especially when they start doing these weird (but normal) things.

1. They frequently pass gas.

Babies burp or fart a lot. This is one of the common things babies do and this is not unusual in anyway since people normally pass gas six to 20 times daily, except that adults know how to deal with it discreetly. If you think your baby is passing gas excessively, consult the pediatrician about it.


2. They make funny faces.

Babies are natural comedians and their adorable faces are their ultimate weapons. Actually, babies make these weird, comical faces to mimic the faces that they see on adults. It also helps their facial muscles develop better.