When babies cry, parents are rattled, often not knowing what to do; more so when babies throw tantrums. Because infants can’t talk, they communicate mostly with their cries. Thus, when they cry, they’re trying to tell you something.

Here are the top reasons why babies cry:

1. They are in pain.

Often, when a baby cries, he or she feels pain somewhere. Babies are sensitive and they can’t stand even the smallest amount of pain. Here are some tips on how to pinpoint the source of pain in babies:

  • Unclothe the baby and look for insect bites. It’s usually an ant or a bed bug. Check the whole body, especially the nape and back of the head, the ears, behind the ears, inside the nose, hands, between the fingers, armpits, the back, legs, the anus and the entire sex organ, and between the toes. Apply a soothing ointment prescribed by your doctor.
  • Check for signs of gas in the tummy. To infants, this is extremely painful and uncomfortable. To check, gently tap the baby’s tummy with your fingers. If there’s a hollow sound (and the tummy feels stiff), there’s probably gas. Ask your doctor if gently rubbing Azeite de Manzanilla (an anti-flatulent) on the tummy is advisable.
  • Check if the baby’s clothes or gloves are too tight. Infant clothes and gloves are often tightened or loosened with a string. When this string is too tight, blood is constricted and causes the baby pain.