First things first in 2016, and of course, your baby takes priority. And what else means a lot to your baby than home base–his very own room and the things around it? As your baby grows, he becomes accustomed to his room and its milieu and becomes comfortable about it all. His room and crib become “home” inside your home.

So, we should do everything to keep his home safe for him. Here are some vital points to remember to ensure your baby’s safety:

The Crib

It’s advisable to change crib every year until the baby outgrows his need for it and is able to sleep in bed with you–or have his own small bed. Why a new crib each year? Most cribs aren’t really built to last long and easily suffer from wear and tear each day. This is because cribs are designed for kids’ safety–the fewer screws they have, the safer they are for your baby.

When kids get to be 8 months to 2 years old, they walk around the crib and jump and shake it really hard when excited or having tantrums. That’s not to mention the times you lean on its railings when you try to reach for your baby to carry him or when your baby’s young siblings join him inside the crib. Such punishments can make cribs structurally weaker and unsafe for kids. So it’s better to buy a new crib each year.

Moreover, it’s advisable as well to check if the slats used for the crib are not bigger than 2 and 3/8 inches. Smaller slats prevent your baby’s limbs from sliding through and getting stuck in-between.

Then there’s the old paint peeling off from the crib surface. Old paint peels may accidentally get to your baby’s hands (weird accidents like that happen) and be swallowed.

It’s advisable to buy cribs with no decorative cutouts or strings that may cause accidents like having your baby’s fingers stuck in the corners of crib decors or worse, your baby getting accidentally strangled by strings or cords. [INPOSTLB]

The Mattress

Another thing to check out to ensure your baby’s safety is the mattress in the crib. Make sure it fits snugly on every side and corner of the crib. Any excess, loose or shortness in size can lead to accidents that can do babies great harm. An excess can find its way over the baby’s face and may suffocate him or trip the toddler when he tries to walk around the crib. A mattress too short for the crib may cause stumbling or trap a toddler’s leg and injure it.


A room full of toys scattered on the floor is an accident waiting to happen to your crawling baby or running toddler. Or, you may walk over them and slip and fall on the crib and on your baby. So do keep a cabinet, shelf or box for your baby’s toys and make sure to keep them there after each use.

Fixed Cabinets

Never use cabinets in your baby’s room which aren’t fixed to the wall. They may fall on your baby or toddler when sudden shaking happens. Or, your small toddler, attempting to stand up, may decide to hang on to the cabinet and tilt it over him.

Remember, a safe baby makes for a happy family.

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