If your baby seems to have a habit of crying too long for several days a week and this has been going on for weeks, you may have infantile colic in your hands. Before seeing your pediatrician about it though, you may want to give your baby some relief. Here are some natural remedies for colic:

1. Make sure it’s not just baby reflux.

Baby reflux has almost the same symptoms as infantile colic and they both make the baby suffer pain. Thus, the intense crying. So, moms ought to rule out baby reflux first. If it is indeed reflux, try homeopathic remedies that quickly relieve babies from the tummy pain that accompanies the condition. Of course, consult your doctor about it.

2. Consult a lactation expert.

Sometimes, consulting a pediatrician may not be enough. To get to the bottom of infantile colic, you need to have your baby examined by a lactation consultant. They’d know if it’s colic you’re dealing with or mere baby reflux. Lactation consultants can also easily tell the difference between colic and latch or digestive problems.

3. Attention breastfeeding moms!

Here are some foods breastfeeding moms should avoid eating because they can trigger baby colic symptoms: dairy, wheat or gluten, citrus, eggs, shellfish, spicy foods or caffeine. Remember, babies have sensitive digestive systems that can easily be affected by allergens and certain proteins. Moms should refrain from eating these foods for some 2 to 4 weeks to clear their breast milk of harmful particles.

4. Try a different formula.

If the baby feeds on formula milk, the milk may be causing the colic symptoms. Ask the pediatrician for a different type or brand. Sometimes, it’s all you need to do.

5. Rule out stress.

Sometimes, babies have tantrums just because of stress. Even babies get stressed out every now and then, especially if the home atmosphere is also stressful. The remedy? Take the baby out for a while and enjoy a quick stroll around the yard, neighborhood or park. Sometimes, you’d be amazed at the magic that fresh air brings.

6. Baby may just be tired.

Babies get tired a lot. After a few activities in the crib, they need to get some sleep. Generally, newborns need to get back to sleep after 1 or 2 hours of being awake. Sometimes, tantrums are just all about this. So make sure they get to sleep.

7. Baby needs more bonding time with mom.

Sometimes, all the baby needs is a closer bond with mom. Being close with mom, smelling her and touching her skin can soothe colicky babies and stop their crying. One way to enhance bonding is by “wearing the baby.” More moms are discovering the benefits of baby-wearing which promotes closer bonding between mom and baby for longer┬áperiods of time. Babywearing is also one of the easiest natural remedies for colic that come with several benefits.

Consider first the checklist above. If symptoms persist, take the baby to your pediatrician or a certified lactation consultant.