There are many available diapers in the market. Most commonly, mommies chose to buy either the most popular brand or the cheapest available. However, our concern goes to whether we are giving the babies the diapers best fitted for them.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right diaper to buy for babies’ convenience:

  1. Choose the best fitted diaper size. 

Size matters… a lot. Choosing the wrong diaper size can cause leaks and discomfort. If it’s too tight, it can cause red marks and rashes around the baby’s thighs and waists. If it’s too loose, it can cause leaks. With the right diaper size, leaks and poopy mess will be eliminated. Moreover, babies will have the full comfort they absolutely deserve.

To determine the right diaper size, it must fit perfectly well on the baby’s legs, bottoms and waists. It can be tested by running a finger around the edges ensuring there are no gaps, and it must completely cover the baby’s bottom.

As the baby grows, the diaper size must be changed as well. Choosing the right diaper size for the growing baby is often a challenge as size indications on diapers don’t always apply to all babies. Even if sizes and ages are indicated on the labels, sometimes they are too big for newborns and too small for toddlers. So the only way to perfectly determine the right size is through trial and error.

  1. Choose the most convenient type of fastener.

Diapers come in different kinds of fasteners. The most common are adhesive fasteners, velcro fasteners, and the newest release – stretchy tapes. [INPOSTLB]

Most diapers are using the adhesive fasteners. Probably, most moms have become very comfortable with it and would always prefer using it over the others. Using this makes it easier for moms to check on the babies’ diapers for wetness or possible pooping every minute since the adhesive’s stickiness last longer.

Velcro fasteners is often used for toddlers while the stretchy tapes are designed to adopt on the babies’ shape and movements, and is working its way on replacing the adhesive fasteners.

While choosing the most convenient fastener hugely depends on the parents’ preference, it is best to note that stiff fasteners can also possibly cause skin irritations and chafing.

  1. Choose the diaper that comes with a wetness indicator.

The wetness indicator plays a huge role in the diaper’s efficiency. It helps parents -and toddlers- to timely determine whether or not a change is required.

Some wetness indicators are through changing patterns while others in colors depending on the brand. With wetness indicators, frequently touching diapers to check on wetness is eliminated.

In choosing the right diaper for babies, brands and price don’t matter that much. What matters most importantly is the comfort it provides to the babies and the convenience it provides to both the parents.