It’s cute seeing your baby hiccup for the first time. In fact, everything babies do for the first time is wonderful, to say the least. However, hiccups sometimes get louder and last longer to the point of getting bothersome and scary. Newbie parents ask: is this dangerous for the baby?

Baby hiccups are normal, for sure. And they do this often. In fact, experts say babies even hiccup while still in their mothers’ wombs. But is there a chance of hiccups getting to a point of being dangerous for babies?

To be sure (and to put our worries to rest), hiccups are safe. They merely indicate that the baby’s tummy is full of something–milk, water or probably gas. Scientifically speaking, it’s a spasm of the baby’s diaphragm. Sometimes, when there’s a change in temperature, babies are apt to have hiccups later. Changes in temperature sometimes create gas in the tummy.

Infant stomach is still small that it is easily filled up with something. No wonder then that babies often have hiccups–in fact, almost all the time. When babies are about half a year old or so, they sometimes get entertained by their own hiccups. They smile or laugh and wonder each time they do it. This means they are perfectly safe having it.

What should we do during a baby hiccup?

First of all, moms and dads should relax. Some parents worry over this issue more that they should and sometimes trigger some commotion in the house. Baby hiccups are normal and they are bound to subside sooner or later.

And because they naturally subside on their own, there’s practically nothing you should do about it but to wait it out. You may try to stimulate burping in the baby by carrying them upright in your arms, but that rarely works. We tell kids to hold their breaths for 10 seconds to get rid of hiccups, but that obviously won’t work with infants.

Should you get expert help when the hiccups get louder and prolonged? Frankly, some hiccups do look like they’re something to worry about. If you think it’s worth visiting the doctor about, why not? There’s nothing better than to get expert advice for anything you aren’t sure about. Anyway, it would be like a simple leisurely visit to the pediatrician.

But if you have no time to drop by the clinic for it, rest assured that the hiccups will be gone before long–and for sure, before the day ends.