If babies below one year old love to sleep, most babies older than that often hate sleep. They want to stay awake as much as they can to play. Healthy toddlers love playing so much that they tend to fight off sleepiness just to have more time for games.

The problem is that parents don’t have all day to play. If there are no babysitters, looking after their playful toddler meant foregoing household chores and errands. Now, they can use these tricks to get their tot to fall asleep.

1. Let them play for as long as they want.

Toddlers are cute little balls of energy, but they can’t go on playing the whole day anyway. At most, they can play for 2 hours straight. After that, they might get tired and hungry. Once they’re full, there’s a 95% chance the baby would fall asleep. So, don’t interrupt their play. Some parents force their babies to sleep by carrying them or making them lie down. That only gives them to rest and gather more energy for play. Your best bet is to let them grow tired as they play.