Do you think twins are cool and wish you can be parents to a pair? If you think they’re amazing as they are, prepare to be blown away by these amazing facts about twins.

Twins can be born to two different dads, or races.

Yes, it is highly possible if the mother engaged in sex with at least two men while ovulating. This is called as heteropaternal superfecundation, wherein two sperms reached one egg at the same time, fertilizing it, resulting in twins with the same mom but different fathers. However, it is a rare occurrence in humans.

As for the different races of twins, one fascinating example was the failed fertilization procedure for Wilma and Willem Stuart, who got the surprise of their life when they saw one white and one black boy as upon the birth of their twins. They later learned that another man’s sperm has fertilized Mrs. Stuart’s egg aside from that of Mr. Stuart’s during the IVF process.

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