Newbie parents are often daunted with changing diapers for the first time. Well, mothers often find it easy learning how to change their baby’s diapers, but what about fathers? Once left to themselves, most dads don’t have an idea what to do. They might wait till their wives are back and ready to do it, but waiting too long may cause diaper rash on the baby, which is extremely painful for them and may cause serious skin problems.

So here are simple steps on how to change baby’s disposable diapers:

  1. Prepare everything within easy reach. Changing diapers needs a system so the baby won’t suffer discomfort too long. Before starting the task, prepare everything you need and put them near you. The task usually calls for these things:
  • Small plastic bag to serve as trash with its mouth open
  • An extra diaper
  • Cotton balls and a small pan of clean, warm water or tap water
  • Baby’s rubber mat
  1. Fold baby’s clothes. Fold the lower portion of the baby’s clothes and place it on the baby’s chest level so it won’t get wet or messed up during the cleaning.
  2. Place the baby on the rubber mat. Make sure the baby’s butt and legs are on the mat to protect the bed or crib the baby is lying on.
  3. Unstrip soiled diaper. Remove the soiled diaper the baby is wearing by gently pulling the sticky strips that fasten and fit the diaper into place. Then, open the front flap of the diaper to expose the baby’s sex organ, but don’t remove it just yet. [INPOSTLB]
  4. Lift the butt. Hold both legs with one hand and gently lift the baby’s butt. With the other hand, get a cotton ball and dip it in the pan of water. Lessen wetness if necessary by gently pressing the cotton with your fingers. The wet cotton ball is used for wiping clean the butt, especially the anus area itself. If the cotton proves too wet, immediately wipe the baby’s butt with dry cotton to avoid getting the back side of the baby’s clothes wet.
  5. Dispose of the dirty cotton balls. Place dirty cotton balls immediately into the small plastic bag serving as trash bag. Don’t place them anywhere else, especially not near the baby. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until anus and butt are clean. Remember to lift the butt all throughout.
  6. Remove the dirty diaper. Wipe dry the butt with dry cotton and then carefully pull out the dirty diaper. You may rest the baby’s butt on the rubber mat while you secure the dirty diaper and the rest of the dirty cotton balls with both hands for disposal. Roll the diaper with the dirty cotton inside and seal them by putting back the sticky strips of the diaper in place. Then put it inside the small plastic trash bag.
  7. Put fresh diaper. Gently pull up the baby’s legs again and insert a fresh diaper under the butt. Close the front flap and fasten it with the sticky strips to fit the baby comfortably—not too tight, not too loose.

It will help a lot to gently talk to the baby while changing diapers to give him or her a feeling of assurance. And get rid of the small plastic trash bag immediately, away from the baby.