You can easily get lost roaming around babies’ world especially if you are a new parent. Fact, even some veteran dads and moms (and sometimes grandpas and grandmas as well) get lost there too when something new on babies pop up especially in the medical pediatric scene. And there are folks who swear that some modern babies are a bit different from most babies who were born decades back.

Thus, we all need to get updated as often as possible about new developments and ideas on babies. That’s basically what the site Babies Ideas is all about–getting to know more about babies and the “world” they live in. The idea is to get familiar with their world first–their habits, needs, wants, ways of communication, “language,” abilities, interests, progress and the medical attention they need–before we can get them to live in our world–or the real world, as we fondly call it.

During this crucial interim period, Babies Ideas is here to help you each step of the way.  Well, we do not claim to be an authority on everything about infants or babyhood, especially where medical pediatrics is concerned, but we do our homework to the best of our ability by researching well on the topics we post on the site, citing authoritative professionals and their words or works where needed.

Besides, we also need your feedback to give us hints of what more topics to post here to cover as much relevant subjects as possible. The baby and toddler world is a vast subject matter to tackle. So we invite you to comment on the articles and share your experiences about your babies and your own “babies ideas.”

Which brings us to the site’s other aim–to be some kind of an online forum for parents with babies or expectant parents, or both. They may share their thoughts on the articles or ask questions on them through the comments feature. Who knows, Babies Ideas may even be a way of linking moms from across the globe who share the same pregnancy situations and help each other out during the gestation. Or veteran dads who want to “coach” newbie dads on their role as. well. dads.

Finally, in an equally true sense, Babies Ideas is also about family life in general–specifically how to welcome the coming of its newest and youngest family member, making the welcome as warm as possible. Everyone in the family, not just the parents, has a vital role to play in making the baby feel as comfy and loved as possible as it grows through the years.