What Bedtime Stories Should You Read to Your Child?


Reading bedtime stories to your kids does a lot more than prepare them for bed. It helps in their brain development, builds their vocabulary, boosts their logical thinking skills, relaxes them, and gives them time to bond with you. The more you read to them, the better they will be at reading. It helps if you give them the most popular bedtime stories that your parents used to read to you as a child, too.

Here are some of the top bedtime stories that should find their way to your child’s library:

1. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown


This bedtime story narrates a little rabbit’s nightly routine, its importance, and the bliss brought about by the innocence of childhood. Its enchanting rhymes citing the objects in his room, such as the moon, the spoon, the cow jumping over the moon, the bowl of mush, and the brush, make it a good read before the little ones’ eyes shut the world out.


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