15 Amazing Baby Traditions Around the World You Should Know About

What baby traditions do you observe? Learn about how other parents are handling the delivery of their baby and their newborns.


What did you do when you welcomed your baby into the world? Apparently, your baby traditions may be so different from those practiced in other parts of the world.

Here are the most fascinating baby traditions in other countries.

1Japanese parents keep their baby’s umbilical cord in a wooden box.

More than just keeping the baby shoes or a lock of hair, the Japanese values the umbilical cord. In fact, hospitals in Japan store the cord in beautiful wooden boxes and give them to the mothers once they are discharged. Some boxes contain a sleeping doll wrapped in a kimono, which is then used to wrap the umbilical cord. This tradition is meant to keep a good relationship between mother and child.

A week after the baby’s birth, the parents and other family members then host a baby naming ceremony, called the Oshichiya, in front of the Butsudan, the Buddhist altar in the family home.



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