Innovative Baby Products for Parents

Are you struggling in keeping up with your growing baby? You might be interested in one or more of these innovative baby products listed here.


Parenting is not just about feeding your baby, changing diapers, and lulling your baby to sleep. You can also make it to be one fun adventure if you use the right gear. This is what innovative baby products are for.

According to Babble, some of the best baby products out there include the following:

30. Razbaby Keep-It-Clean Pacifier

This is more than just your ordinary pacifier that helps calm your baby down. It automatically closes to protect itself from germs when you accidentally drop it. The protective cover itself is an effective germ-barrier.


29. Dreamfarm Tapi Fountain Rubber Tap

Helping your young kids brush their teeth is an accomplishment in itself. You can help them keep up the habit by making it more fun and more convenient using this product.


28. Boon Squirt Food Dispensing Spoon

Feeding the baby can be a little messy, but you can avoid the regular mess with this dispensing spoon that you can even use with one hand. It also saves you from having to pack the baby food jars, especially if you are traveling.



27. iBaby Monitor

Why not watch over your baby using your iPhone? Just hook it up to this iBaby Monitor and you can see your baby wherever you are in the world. If you want to monitor the baby’s surroundings as well, just swipe your finger for the camera to pan around the room.


26. Puj Tub

You don’t have to look for a safe area for your baby’s little bath tub if a Puj tub can fit perfectly in the sink.


25. Little Looster Booster

Potty training should be easier for toddlers if they don’t have to struggle getting into the toilet on their own.


24. Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Your tot’s arms are still too short to reach the tap water. Make their life easier with this cute Aqueduck Faucet Extender.


23. Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Tub

Once you bathed your baby, just fold it for convenient flat storage. It even reclines to accommodate newborns and expands for bigger babies and toddlers.


22. A Suction Cup Sippy Strap

If you put anything near your babies or toddlers, trust them to be great at one thing – toppling those things over. But you can prevent that mess with this suction cap invention.


21. Mammary Minders Nursing Reminder

This should help you do away with a twist tie, paper clip, or journal. It’s simple to use and quite affordable, too.

20. Baby Measuring Fitted Crib Sheet

Monitoring your baby’s growth? This sheet should be extra helpful. It may be one of the simplest entries yet it’s one of the most innovative baby products out there.

19. Magnificent Baby Magnetic Clothes

Changing your baby’s clothes during chilly nights will be less of a hassle and less uncomfortable for the babies if they wear onesies with magnetic fasteners instead. They’re easy to open and equally easy to close as well.

18. Tag*A*Long

Older kids who want to control their baby brother or sister’s stroller won’t have a problem handling it with this Tag*A*Long stroller handle designed to match a kids’ height.

17. Molar Muncher

This BPA-free teether is so much more practical than a silicone pacifier and is perfect for soothing your baby’s gum line.

16. Strollaway Over the Door Stroller Storage Hanger

Renting a small apartment won’t be a problem if you can just hang this stroller in the back of your door.

15. Baby Socks

Have you caught your baby doing their best to get rid of their socks? They won’t be able to take it off now if they have Velcro straps.

14. Aden + Anais “Serenity Star”

Aden + Anais “Serenity Star”

This machine has got it all – temperature indicators, feeding journal, and sound machines. It also comes with a night clock and light.

13. The Lotus Everywhere Crib

These crib folds can be carried around as a backpack, but they can be unfolded in just 20 seconds.

12. Bloom Alma Mini Crib

This space-saving crib is not only so because it is tiny, but also because it can be folded flat for convenient storage.

11. Tiny Bites Food Shares

There are cutlery-grade food scissors that you should always bring with you, making them one of the handy and innovative baby products. They are perfect for cutting pasta, grades, and other hard foods for your baby, or even yourself.

10. 4Moms Origami Stroller

If you don’t want the hassle of folding and unfolding your baby’s stroller, try this. Just press one button and it will automatically open or fold. It even has monitors speed and mileage, watches the temperature, controls headlights, and charges your phone.

9. Go-Go Babyz Car Seat Carrier

Give your arms a break. Use this seat carrier that rolls around, especially during travels when you have to go around airports.

8. Kids Shower and Bath Toy

Let bath time be a more enjoyable time for your little ones with this toy.

7. Chewbeads Teething Necklaces

Who says you can’t be stylish even if you’re wearing chew toys?

6. Nosefrida Snot Sucker

Suck the snot away and with great ease with this product. At least you can provide your baby immediate comfort.

5. Yepp Mini Front Bicycle Child Carrier

Why stop running because of kids when you can take them with you with this innovative child carrier?

4. Smartphone Ultrasound

Although you might not need this at all times, it is the perfect poster product to show just how far technology has come.

3. Zoli Buzz B Nail Trimmer

Little ones can be pretty feisty if they want to with their long fingernails. But it doesn’t have to be like this when you can use this battery-operated nail trimmer.

2. Breastmilk and Bottle Warmer

Kozi fills a small bath with warm water to thaw refrigerated or frozen breastmilk. This is safer than steaming or microwaving your baby’s milk.

1. Infant Bed-wetting Alarm

If you don’t want to put your baby in diapers any longer, you can put the DRI Sleeper in their underclothes. It goes off the moment it detects the release of even a small amount of urine. It helps toddlers train themselves to get up to go the bathroom to pee.


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